The Campaign for One

To David Archueta fans:

Now is your opportunity to express your desire in writing to have David Archuleta sing the full version of U2’s song, “One”.  Write a note to David in the comments below about why you want him to sing the full version of the song in concert this summer. We will present our letters at an upcoming show on the current summer tour. Hopefully we will be pleasantly rewarded for our efforts. Just to give you a little sneak peek reminder,  here’s David singing a snippet of “One” from the medley.

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73 Comments on “The Campaign for One”

  1. bebereader Says:

    Dear David:

    You’ve been teasing us all year with a snippet of “One” from the medley. Now we want the whole enchilada. Would love for you to sing the full version of U2’s “One” on the summer tour!

    See you in Atlantic City!


  2. YJfanofdavid Says:

    Dear David, “One” is my all-time favorite of your covers. Please indulge us with the entire song some time soon. Can’t wait to see you in Cleveland and Pittsburgh!

  3. emmiegirl Says:

    Mr. David James Archuleta,

    Winston Churchill, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

    We are at One in our One desire for you, as One, to sing the whole of “One.” (I know it would be ridiculously awesome!)

    I know this is ridiculously silly, but am in a ridiculous mood I guess; one more from Churchill, just for fun, “I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” 8)

    See you in Denver David! Godspeed.

  4. Gengen Says:

    Dear David
    What you have offered us with the snippet of “One” only leaves us wanting more, aka the complete rendition of “One”! For that, I will follow you from Seattle to Chicago, yes, six concerts, originally seven but Portland was canceled 😦 . Could you please indulge us with at least once of the complete version of “One”? It will make my life!!!
    I am willing to beg like beebee if that will help you make up your mind.

  5. claudiaNRR Says:

    I would LOVE to hear you sing the full version of “One” because you are absolutely brilliant singing that song. I hope you get an original song with that vibe someday too. Your vocals are amazing and your feel for soul and R&B moves my soul. Just saying:)

  6. Kait Says:

    I’d also love for you to sing the full version of “One” in concert, if at all possible. It is a favorite song of mine anyway, and your voice is a favorite voice of mine, so the two together should be incredible.

  7. Susan B. Says:

    David James: Your voice takes me to a different place and touches me in ways I can’t even explain. You truly have a great gift and we feel so blessed to be apart of you sharing it so generously. I absolutely love “One” and can’t get your rendition out of my head. Please – Please – Please sing it all the way through – it is truly a perfect song for your beautiful vocals and soul. Love you Forever.

  8. Diane Says:

    David, your rendition of ONE in the medley is absolutely gorgeous and I would so love to hear you perform the whole song. Your voice is perfect fot this type of song (well, really any song)and touches my soul. I am so hoping you will bless us with the complete song soon. Thank you. Hugs, Diane

  9. betsy Says:

    Dear David,
    One of my fondest wishes is to hear you sing One in it’s entirety. (boy this is starting to sound so formal!)
    Just please, please!
    I loved the bit of it that you have done already. (So much you can’t know!) Now I would love to hear the whole thing.
    Please take this into consideration. (formal again!)
    Aside from that, I will see you in Michigan on August 18th. At the VIP.

    Sorry to ramble.

  10. happy Says:

    David….pretty please with a cherry on top.

    a mango, a cookie, and now a cherry… what else could you want?

  11. dawn65 Says:

    Dear David,

    Please consider doing a full version of ONE (MJB Style) on the summer tour.

    Great songs, deserved to be resurrected by a Great Artist (this is where you come in). Soul infused pop.. here we come.

    We thank you for your consideration …

    Your loyal and loving ArchAngels, forever and ever Amen…

    Dawn TDC

  12. Laura Says:

    Please sing the full version. It’s amazing!

  13. pastel Says:

    “One” was the first song on my ipod…the Mary J Blige and Bono version. We get to hear a bit in your medley, but I know there is so much more to say! Please say it on the summer tour!

  14. blue Says:

    would LOVE a full version of One. maybe you can sing it in one of your vlogs?

  15. kchan04 Says:

    Someone has petitioned to try and get you to record Apologize. In my response to that petition, I have said that I would love you to record One. I loved listening you sing in at your concert as a medley but would love to hear the entire version. This was going to be my request to you when I see you in Cincinnati at the VIP session hoping that I can get you to sing it when I see you in Rockford. Can’t wait to see you David.

  16. angelinmi Says:

    David, You gave us a little taste of “ONE” by U2, how about the full meal? We loved that little we heard in your medley. One has some great melodies and words that seem to suit your voice and sound. Why not indulge your fans, we love you. Whatever you sing David is fine with us. You make us feel so alive.
    One with you David,
    Lilly (angelinmi)

  17. Hellen Says:

    It would so awesome to hear you sing “One” – your medley just teases us with what your full version would be. We would love to hear you sing the whole song!

  18. CM(Yakima)VIP in Seattle!! Says:

    Dear David, You sound so awesome in singing just the snippet of One that you did on tour! It would be even more awesome if you would do the whole song for us at at least one of the tour shows!!

  19. Joymus Says:

    Dear David,
    I am formally asking and …okay, outright begging you to please consider the possibility of singing a complete version of “One”. I had never heard of it before until the snippet you treated us to during your solo tour. All I can say is that the combination of your beautiful voice, soulful delivery and powerful lyrics touches a place deep inside my heart. Won’t you please teach us the rest of this song?

  20. Danielle & Stephanie Says:

    Hey David,

    My mom & I really loved hearing you sing “One” as part of your medley during your solo tour and it would be so amazing to hear you someday sing the full version, we’d love it!!! Take good care David!

  21. LovesONE Says:

    You probably go crazy with everyOne asking you to sing their favorite songs, right? You’d need a 3 hour concert to make us all happy (HEY! I LOVE that idea!). I heard you sing the snippet of One at your solo concert in Clarence (btw, spending hours frozen on line and then being sick for weeks after -TOTALLY worth it!). You always sound amazing but the complete One would blow me away!! How about during solo concert in Pittsburgh? (of course, I mention that because I’ll be there, also VIP in Cinci!!).

  22. Mrs Mary from NC Says:

    Hey David! I, along with the rest of the universe, (alright, possibly a slight exageration) want to hear you sing ALL of ‘ONE’!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty please with a cherry on top?! (Hey, you could use your cherry pitter! lol!)Seriously, you do such an amazing job on all your songs, a little sample just isn’t enough! Think about it, okay?

  23. doodle Says:

    Hey David, I heard One for the first time when you sang it at the Albuquerque concert. LOVED IT!!! So I went home and downloaded it. No disrespect to U2, but you OWN that song. I know you do alot for your fans, so I hate to ask for more (but I’m going to). Would you PLEASE consider singing the full version or recording it would be an even better. Hope you have a great tour, you are amazing to watch live.

  24. northernangel Says:

    Dear David, I love your soulful version of “One” in the medley, but it seems incomplete. It’s like a story that you just can’t wait to hear the ending of! Will you finish the story of “One” for us? You do have a few solo stops this summer. Think about it…thanks!

  25. Wanda Says:

    I just got home from the Houston concert. David, you were amazing. Loved it!!!!! Please David I would love to hear you to sing the full version of One. It’s one of my favorites. See in Grand Prairie…

  26. Lucy Says:

    Dear David, Please please please sing “ONE” in full version. Please David 🙂 thank you.

  27. Fancy11 Says:

    Hi David, when you sang “Heaven” I became your fan
    for life. I feel the same way when you sing “One”
    it just grabs my heart.

  28. Tammy Says:

    Your version of “One” is AWESOME and so powerful. This is a song where you can have a deep impact on so many of us and we woul dbe ever so grateful to hear you sing the full version of “One”. Thank you!

  29. cindy Says:

    Hey David! I was really happy to see this request because ever since my husband and I heard you sing the medley in Pomona for your solo tour, your voice and interpretation of ONE left me wanting to hear the song in it’s entirety! I think the lyrics and soulful rendition totally suits you! Your voice is AMAZING!! Loved you at Del Mar too!!

  30. peruu Says:

    Hi David:

    “One” is so you. While the music is beautiful, the lyrics are amazing. Please sing this song in its entirety during your summer tour, to spread its touching message!

  31. Kitty Says:

    Dear David, I speak on behalf of millions of fans. Only you could bring out the powerful and striking message behind those beautiful lyrics. Your soulful singing and heartfelt care will really do justice to the song and it’s lyrics. By singing that song, you will inspire people from all walks of life. And what better season that Summer? Please do sing One and fill all our hearts with will-power and strength.

    Thank You

  32. HushCats Says:

    David . . . It would give us such joy to hear YOU sing the full version of ONE. ❤ from TX

  33. davidafan4ever Says:

    Hay David,

    I would really like you to sing the entire version of one. Your voice just soars on it. I really enjoyed the little snippet of it that you did during your winter tour and once during this summer tour. If you could please perform it at the remaining shows or add to your setlist I would greatly appreciate it!!

    THX David

    P.S. I an from over on fans of david. 🙂

  34. Luanne Frantz Says:

    Hi David,
    The song “One” is a beautiful song and you have a beautiful voice, therefore it would only be right for you to sing the entire song for us. When I heard you sing part of it for the first time, I was so touched but just needed to hear the rest.
    The old British version of U2’s “One” video is my favorite video of all times. They would be honered to have you sing this ENTIRE song for your fans.
    Best to you and your family
    Luanne Frantz

  35. Vickie Says:

    Dearest David,
    Your small sampling of U2’s “One” has left all your fans hungering for more. Please consider singing the complete song on this summer tour. It has a message and a melody that you obviously love. We love all the songs you are doing but “One” is the type of song that you were born to sing. Your magnificent voice and this beautiful song were meant to be united.

  36. pamtim Says:

    Hi David! I had never heard “ONE” before and fell in love with it, instantly! I youtubed it and may I just say, you OWN that song now, as you do every other song you cover. Your musical interpretation is unmatched! Please sing the full version of “ONE” on the summer tour. You are AMAZING!

  37. Fiona Says:

    Hi David
    I saw your show in Louisiana and it was AMAZING!! I am still on a high 3 days later!!! Your version of “One” is beautiful. Please sing the whole song soon – we would love that!!
    Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Your music always soothes me and lifts me up.

  38. Abrra Says:


    I was so impressed with your medley on your solo tour.I was moved to make a tribute video to the song “One” using pictures of you.

    Please consider recording “One” on you next album? Or perhaps use it in your touring set? I had not heard the song until you sang it. Once you sing a song, it forever becomes yours in my heart.

    Abrra (aka Kara )

  39. kenn Says:

    please sing “One”!!!

  40. goboywonder Says:

    Hello David,

    This is Vivian for California. I love the way you sing “One”. Heck, I love the way you sing everything. But still, we would really love to hear you sing this song in its entirety.

    Ps: I love Desperate, it is my most favorite of everything I have heard you sing.

    God Bless

  41. Kat Says:

    Hey David,
    Yes, you have to know that when you only sing part of a song, you just drive us crazy and leave us wanting more, MORE! Sorry, but it is true. Not only would I die to hear you sing all of ONE, but also I’m Yours and Coma La Flor. Yea, that’s right, a taste is just not enough. We all really do love anything you sing, but the soulful stuff is really your thang.

    Also, while I’m asking, when are you going to sing “Desperate” and “Let Me Go” live and even “Running” again? These are some of my favorites right up there with “Barriers” and “Your Eyes Don’t Lie” and “My Hands”. You could really blow us away you know putting these in your concerts.

    Thanks for all you do for your fans!

  42. Marlie7 Says:


    Please sing the full version of “One”. Your fanbase is clamoring for it. The little taste you gave us during the Medley just isn’t enough. Once you sang that snippet, we, of course, want more.

    Thank you!

  43. Tawna Says:

    The way you sing ‘One’ is absolutely amazing! It is so soulful and endearing. Please make it part of your set and better yet, part of your next album. You’ve created a masterpiece just with the snippet that you have done for us.


  44. refnaf Says:

    Being a huge U2 fan, and hearing your rendition of the snippet “One”, has made me crazy (lol) to hear you do the entire song. Please consider adding it to your summer tour? please? Your voice and any song is pure joy to me. Thanks David

  45. Vee Says:

    Dear David

    Please sing “One” in full in one of your concerts. I know you have it as part of the medley of songs during your solo concerts. I am imagining how the full song with your voice will sound. Please , I am one of your fans who would love to hear the full song.



  46. dreamerjulie Says:

    Pleeeease sing the whole version of “One” 🙂 Pretty please with pad thai on top 😉 The way you sang part of it in the medley that you did just left us needing to hear the whole song! You sound so amazing when you sing it and to hear you sing the whole version would be incredible, like WOW and just completely mind blowing!! So, yeah, please give us the pleasure of hearing you sing the whole song 🙂 Love you and love your voice!

    Take care and God Bless 🙂

    Julie from Michigan

  47. djafan Says:


    I would love for you to sing the whole version of “One”, the MJB version, the little piece of your medley just left me wanting for the whole thing….Pleeeeeaaase!

    Love hearing everything you sing, you have an amazing voice and are a great performer.

    Thank you and God Bless,


  48. archieluver (FOD) Says:

    I think David should sing the full length version of One on his tour this summer because it is a very good song and I feel like it appeals to a very big audience when he sang only a portion of the song on the winter tour it received a very good reception and if he could do it in full length I feel that the good reception it received will be multiplied and will gain him plenty of new fans

    thank you for your consideration

  49. karin Says:

    Heyyyyy David!

    Ok… So, I’ve gotten really good at spaaaazzzzzziinnnnnnnggggg and screaming and pointing when I’m around you because of your EPICNESS! So, this is what I woould SCREAM right now… “PlEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sing the full version of “One”… *waves hands*… *stomps feet*… PlEASE… THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!!! I wonder if Mary J. is free? Oh Gosh… A duet would just be out of control!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Your voice + “One” (full version) = LOVE!

    Ok… That’s it! You’re THE BEST!

  50. Laura Says:

    Hola David aka THE Wonderwall of Stars,

    When you sing “One” something opens up inside of my heart and fills my soul with pure bliss and excitement. When I heard you sing the little bit of it in your Medley in Northampton, my heart was racing. That minute seemed to last only a few seconds and had me begging for more. Your voice is so powerful and magical when you sing “One” [well anything really…] and it would mean a lot to me, and all of your fans, if you sang the full version. You would fill everyones heart and soul with a sense of joy and love that would last forever.

    ArchAngel forever and always,

  51. beebee Says:

    Dearest David,

    I, too, am obliged to jump on the “One” bandwagon. Your tour performances of the “One” segment in your medley is just indescribably, stunningly AWESOME! The moment many of us first heard/saw you perform it we were positively GOBSMACKED! I was all “Whoa, Nelly! What just happened!!??” I know I speak for countless others.

    The entire medley itself is genius, don’t get me wrong—I LOVE the medley—but your innate soulful ease and virtuosity absolutely REVERBERATE in “One.” It is 100% PURE MAGIC. What I’m trying to SAY is that it blows me all to way to kingdom come and back! Phew! And I KNOW I’m not alone in that. (I’m tryin’ to MAKE you UNDERSTAND! lol)

    Yes, I am BEGGING. Puh-Leeeeeeeze develop and perform a whole version of “One” for live performances. Pretty Please? (With a mango on top?) (or a cookie, maybe?) 🙂

    Ain’t too proud to beg,


    ps: no pressure. :p

    pps: I’m thinkin’ that even if ultimately you can’t or don’t want to comply with this request, at least you’ll know, without a doubt, just how BONKERS I am for your performance of “One.” (Which is nice.) 🙂

  52. Stan Says:


    Have you ever thought of singing the entire song, “One” from your medley of favorite songs? We, your fans are all abuzz about it and since you do an awesome job on that one verse; we are all so ready for the rest of it. Please consider it for the summer tour or any tour in the future.

    Thanks very much!

    My wife and I enjoy all of your music and are looking forward to your two upcoming albums.

  53. raelvoingangels Says:

    Dear David! Any cover you do is fantastic…but to hear you do the full version of One, would be epic!
    Such powerful lyrics in that ONE song. Such a passionate singer in that ONE David!
    See ya in Tampa. raelovingangels (Donna & Kailee)

  54. sweetonda Says:

    Dear David,

    I would love to hear the full version of “One”. You have opened a bevy of feelings with that snippet you did in your medley. Please consider feeding us with the complete song. You are the best vocalist out there right now and I hope to enjoy your amazing talent for years to come.

    Thanks for all you do for us adoring fans.

  55. dakgal Says:

    Dear David ,

    You singing ONE in its entirety would solve the puzzle of ” How awesome is the rest of this song going to sound when David sings it?” Please don’t keep us guessing and sing the whole song. You are an incredible talent and I’m looking forward to seeing you on tour.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  56. deb Says:

    Dear David:

    I remember my hair standing up on my arms when you sang “One” at the concert this past winter in Pennsylvania. When you sang this song your voice stood out among the rest of the songs somehow. You belted out this song with such a tone that I still remember it to this day and saying “WOW” as it made the walls vibrate. I thought I was the only one that was mesmorized by you singing this song, but now I see I was not! You must sing this song over the summer. The snippet that you left us with was just not enough!
    Love, Deb

  57. krista Says:

    mr. david i hope that you’ll sing “one” by not a big fan of U2 but i really liked that song and i know that most of your fans like it too so i hope you’ll sing it..thank you for inspiring us with your songs,god bless you and your family always:)

  58. Aya ^_^ Says:

    Hey Mr. David Archuleta…
    Just wanna greet you hello…
    And also hoping that you’ll sing “one” by U2…
    Truth is,I don’t even know them…lolz…
    But I wanna hear it…
    I really wanna see you, even after 10 years…lolz..
    Not really kidding…
    Just wanna meet you…
    Anyway, thanks for your inspiring songs..
    It can really help me a lot, especially when I’m sad…
    It makes me happy…

  59. Jane Says:

    Dear David,
    As I was driving in my car this morning, I realized the song I would most like you to do is “One”. I never really knew it until you did it in the medley. It’s such as amazing song with amazing lyrics, a song for all time and people. You captured the feeling of it in just a few lines. I would love to hear you sing the whole song.
    Thanks for sharing your gift with us.
    Take care and be true to yourself most of all!

  60. mikesd Says:

    David…show us some bunny love and sing “One”!! We would love you even more than we do now…if that is even possible!!

  61. jackryan4DA Says:

    Dear David,

    A song half-sung is like a tale partly-told, a promise unfulfilled.

    We will wait for you to fulfill that promise by hearing the 2nd half of this beautiful story.

    Please bring ONE to its rightful conclusion, soon.


  62. silverfox Says:

    Dear David,

    Never paid attention to “One” when I heard U2’s version. Really liked MKB/U2 version, but didn’t really “get” the song. Then BAM! You sang a snippet, you made sure I understood it. And it made me want to go back & really listen & hear the lyrics. That is what you do. And now, after singing just one verse, you, you, yes you! own the song!

    I would love to hear The Voice sing the complete version of “One”. And you are The Voice, in case you didn’t know. You are David Archuleta The Voice! 😀

    Contigo siempre!

  63. davidfanLIZ Says:

    Dear David,
    I love the way you sing “One.” To hear the whole song would be heaven. I know that you are looking for suggestions for your solo shows. This would be a fabulous choice.
    Thanks! 🙂

  64. David,

    I know that One is one of your favorite songs and the little bit you have sung of it is so exquisite and soul piercing. After I heard you sing that snippet on tour, I found the MJB/U2 video and was so blown away. Now listen carefully…you have more soul, better vocal ability and more stage presence than anyone out there. I am serious. Do this song. Do it like this and you will conquer all foes and destroy your followers. We who are about to die, salute you.

  65. Dear David,

    Loved your partial version of “One” but always longed to hear the entire song. Can only imagine how wonderful that would be. Maybe one day, soon?

    Thank you for sharing your love of music and your gift – your wonderous voice and the presentation of it (through your soulful performances, accoustic as well as with your band). You are the best by far.


    Dear David,
    The first time I heard you sing this song, I felt, this song was written for you. Your voice, heart and soul does this song justice. Could you possibly sing the full version at a Tour someday?

  67. junnie Says:

    Dear David

    I have only come to know of this song after I have heard you sing it and instantly fall in love with it.However, it was only a snippet of it, I really really hope to hear you sing the complete version of it someday.

    From what I have gathered, “One” is a very popular song sang by U2 but I have not listened to their version of it. I tried to listen to it on utube but I still like your interpretation of the song.

  68. knotliser Says:

    Dear David,

    I so greatly enjoy listening to you finding your way around a song until you finally fully inhabit it. Please add my name to the list of those who would love to hear what you would do with “One” in its entirety.

  69. Zoe Says:

    Dear David,

    For the love of Pad Thai, please consider performing a complete version of “One” for your next concert series. Your partial version has left us starving for more. I am certain it would be a feast for our souls.

  70. djbell13/Debbie Says:

    David~ I would LOVE to hear you sing a full version of “One”. It would be absolutely stunning. You pour your heart and soul into all you do and just thinking about what you would do with the full version of “One’… would be breathtaking!!
    So, PLEASE consider our request if at all possible.
    Thanks~ we love you~ you are AMAZING!!

  71. vermeer Says:

    Hi David,

    I know you would never deliberately tease your fans, so you’d probably want to know you won’t be anymore simply by singing to us “One” in its entirety! 😉

    Your fan from Shop Around to eternity!

  72. SandyBeaches Says:

    Dear David,

    It would be fabulous to hear your complete version of the song “One”. The lyrics are absolutely becoming to your style of music and would take on a passionate, new meaning. Your ‘Voice’is one in a million…Your concert in Pittsburgh will be remembered for many things, but to be there for the introduction of “Bubbly” was fantastic.

    I look forward to the possibility that you will be able to add “One” to your concert set list.

    We will be seeing you next in Manchester and hopefully, in the near future, at a concert in Canada.

  73. bubbly Says:

    Dear David,

    Your voice is so Amazing that por el amor a totoro, I would like to hear you singing the song “ONE”,that I’m sure it fits your Unique VOICE.

    Fiel y eterna admiradora desde “Heaven”

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